Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Attack the block trailer analysis

There is an establishing shot of the tone and colour, in which are introuduced to the setting of the film a block of flats or estate, which is a mostly common setting featured in most grime,urban films. There is a grey tone within the camera shots which builds up suspense and gives the audience a new feeling of unease nd intensity.  The title in itself reads "the deadliest species in the galaxy ",the font and title has a futuristic and supernatural feel towards it, which indicates the film genre could be a thriller, which could involve aliens and extra-terrestrials.  There are a series of quick cuts of what seems to be an alien. This keeps the trailer suspensful and packed full of action; therefore leaving the audience wanting more and more.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kidulthood trailer analysis

Kidulthood is a british drama based in West London,which tells a story of three tenagers mostly friends who face difficult situations and they soon life comes at a big price. Its mostly centred around teenagers who face difficult times in their life having to deal with drugs,sex, money and therefore it can be easily relatable to youth in our society today. We see a variety of props being used throughout the trailer, especially during close up shots of various characters using guns, knives emphaises that gang violence with be included within this film and its relates to state of society within this day and age. The props are used to give an impresson of people a enigma more like as we dont what the fate of the characters will be.

Monday, 12 November 2012

adulthood inspiration

Our inspiration mostly came from the fact that we needed to have sometihng relating to modern day teenagers. So i decided and though of the famous british film Adulthood. I think by using the initial ideas we got from outside experiences and combining it with teenage experiences that we will come up with something that we can relate to.  Since Adulthood is a well known blockbuster for teenagers we decided it would be best if it was based on the harsh life on the streets. There seems to be alot of meaning in watching Adulthood such as the aftermath of a notorious dark past that the protagnist "Noel Clarke" had portrayed in the previous sequel Kidulthood.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

die hard 2 teaser trailer

Original teaser trailer for the 1990 film "Die Hard 2. Consists of the actor bruce willis the main antagonist within the previous Die hard sequel which is american actionfilm directed in te 1990s. Unlike the first sequel to die hard the setting is at christmas eve the antagonist John Mcclane is waiting for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles,California. Mcclane spots two men