Thursday, 21 March 2013

Magazine research-Film magazines

There are a variety of different film magazines. Each magazine carries a different aim and purpose. They range from magazine covers such as Empire, Sight and Sound and many more. But the main film magazine covers include Total Film, Empire, Prevue and Screen International.

Empire magazine first published its issue in the late 80s. It is one of the biggest film magazines in britain and is also published in other countries including Russia,Australia and Turkey. The magazine mainly focuses on the mainstream aspect and house films but it mainly focuses on the aspects of the mainstream industry. It has a range of features which include a Top 10 feature aswell as DVD reviews and even a photo/cameo of a the edition of tron legacy.The Magazine mainly aims to give out a light hearted view on different genre of films and they leave it up to the audience or the people reading it to decide whether or not they agree with the content of the empire magazine.

The language throughout the article is mainly  informal and relaxing. Therefore, the age range of Empire magazine is 18-25 and typically is aimed at men and people who enjoy the comical side to watching a film. Empire magazine tends to be more light hearted and witty. They use sleezy jokes and unneccesary banter which mostly targets men. The magazine tends to portray something new and begin to bash the content of that particular thing, this could typically be associated with a latest hard action type movie coming out in the cinemas, for example.

Sight And Sound

Sight and sound magazine was first published in the 1930s and was recently owned by BFI (British Film Institute). The magazine tends to focus more on the art house films,although they show and review all films within every month. It is mainly targeted at people who tend to look at film as a form of art  and enjoy the history and thinking process behind the. film rather than the enjoying the film itself. The language is mainly formal so the target audience would be around 30+ and over the older audience generally and the kind of approach that the journalists take which makes it this age rang.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Final filming date

Our final filming date will be on Thursday 7th of march. And since there isn't that much time on filming individual scenes alone, its only best if we start filming the whole thing therefore it will give us an edge before the deadline date. And at the moment the group hasn't filmed as much as we should be therefore we have been left behind