Friday, 10 May 2013

evaluation part 1

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Firstly, I started to use blogger throughout my process of AS & A2 media studies course. I used blogger as a way to demonstrate my work and initial group ideas we had as a team, and it was a way that we could get cricitism and feedback from our peers based on the work i was producing during the A2 media studies course. Also, i used other computer softwares like microsoft powerpoint, word , Scribd which contributed greatly to the processing of handling work at a different level in terms of quality and standards. They were plenty of strengths and weaknesses which were exploited and needed to be improved on which our Media studies teacher was able to point out including minimual amount of work which was non-existent in the start of my blog. The internet contributed nicely in terms of researching different genre, films, stories throughout the course since the majority of our work was internet based therefore it gaves us time to improve our computer skills alot more during the course of the year.
The strengths of the blogger is a powerful software to use. The techonological aspects are directly connected to other mainstream internet resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,MSN, and so many other connections which gave us the tools we needed in order to expand and broaden my horizons. Also, it had allowed me to organise all posts revelant to my product and media research.  I was able to perform and edit and date all my posts regarding the current work we were assigned to do by our media studies teacher.
One of the main weaknesses is that i was unorganized in terms of handling my work on my time and reorganizing certain things on my blog.  This made things alot more difficult for me as i had alot of previous work to catch up on which set me back a bit. Another thing was making sure my work was accurate enough and i understood what i was talking about in each of my posts.  My post had alot of inaccurate information as times therefore, it made some of my work difficult to read and understand at times.

I used scribd as a way to evaluate and hand in work during most of the A2 media studies course. Our first introduction of the scribd was demonstrated to us during our Media Studies class. Scribd allowed us to access and upload our questionnaires, blog work, surveys and other useful work needed to be in our media studies blog. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Evaluation part 2

In what ways does your media products use, challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The first way our media products challenege forms and conventions is by creating a poster to advertise our film, as it not something that is usually produced by independant film makers alone due to the reason they are made and established.Our poster shows to our audience that our film falls under the mainstream line than it actually is. Another reason is being the focus of our posters when compared to mainstream posters . The main convention being the advertisment of the film's main actor or actors, we challenged this by using a motif of of a chessboard below the main character's face to create the film's main genre.

Also, the majority of the poster is taken within the image of the main character in the film's costume. Then we decided to place the main character in the middle of the poster to portray the main character in a different in terms of comparing the magazine cover to the poster itself as it creates a barrier between all the other characters and the main protagnist himself.

In terms of our film, the lack of budget is what restricted from using a studio to begin producing our film. Therefore we where dissapointed in the lack of resources and most of the filming was done on set. This, on some cases, made planning alot more easier and we didn't know to replicate or pull off the majority of scenes we where tending to do. Also the limit of technology was also a difficult, for example the cameras could not pick up on-set dialogue very well due the quality of the camera.

We also had to use diagetic sounds and voice overs with the limited techonology. For example we used final cut pro not only to reshuffle and put everything into order but also it was valuable use for our voice overs for our project.

With our magazine, there we not many conventions that could be challenged to be honest . We researched magazine such as Total Film, Prevue and Empire and decided that we wanted a light review that focused on the film's theme's and more  of the different sides of the production company we had produced with our product which was called south end studios.

After reading the article we decided that it was best to stick to the conventions of Sight and Sound. We felt that it was the best way to approach these articles as it was something that we were looking for and was willing to incorporate it into our product. We mainly used bold italics for the heading and the main text as we needed something new to basic fonts used in most magazine reviews.

 But again we decided to follow a convention that is commonly used in Sight and Sound as it was the magazine that we felt best suited what we wanted to show within our film.

Evaluation part 3

The first way that our product work  is through the genre. Throughout each product the one genre that is highlighted throughout is Crime Thriller. This is something that we decided to focus on  alot more with the magazine cover rather than the poster as it would have a greater impact on our target audience of the ages of 18-25. Also as this would benefit and target a certain audience who read magazines in their everyday life. Also we decided to do this because of this we chose to aim our poster at youn people male and female, as young people are easier to attract and the themes in our film is something that alot of teenagers would relate to more. Young people tend to love explosives and gory violence, also the conventions where broken with alot of mature content like serious romance which was demonstrated in small parts of our idea. With the magazine review, we decided not to focus on it as much as it was something that we did not want to highlight while working on our other projects of our product.

Our film, however, is the product that does not highlight the genre as much as people expected. The main theme throughout the film is loss rather than the genre of Crime Thriller. Also the final film and the shoot of our product tend to portray the genre quite well. By combining it with our current magazine cover and poster, our genre is cleraly portrayed in between each of the products, the magazine doesn't tend to mention and portray the genre too well but the poster highlights it very well. But in terms of what we have been producing is has somehow fit perfectly together.

In In terms of narrative our products, the poster works the best. With the poster, we wanted to immediately show that barrier of the main character. Which is why i decided to put the main character in the middle with a chess piece covering half of his face. It creates a barrier for the main protagnist but yet it shows he still has a spark of a heroic figure and character which the audience will be drawn to.

The magazine was something that did not focus on the narrative as much. This was because we did not want to give too much of the story away.This best decided that this was best as it challenged a convention of most magazine reviews.With the film, we used the shots and non-digetic sound such as the voice-over and score to relay the story's narrative. This was because the parts that was happening between the scenes the audience may have got a different view from our film based on the information they received . Before viewing our film, our audience would proabaly have to at least see the poster first to get some idea of what our film would be about.

We wanted the audience of our film, poster and magazine to be around an appropriate age. This is why our film is targeted at 16-25 year olds while our poster and magazine focuses on 18-25 year olds a more mature age range. We chose to do this as it would help to attract a wider audience. We approached this by creating the poster that advertised the violent gory crime genre side of the poster. With the film, it was easier to take a more masculine approach which was shown through the use of the non-digetic sound and the genre as women would most probably relate more to the themes within the film and our products.

The film poster and magazine are important to the marketing aspect of our film it attracts our audience. It would also begin to spread  word of mouth  of the  film, which would help to increase our audience massively . They help to tell your audience to a certain exent, what the film's about. Without them, the number of people who would watch the film would be  reduced.