Saturday, 15 December 2012

location scouting

Since i live in Battersea there have been many ideas in my mind regarding the setting of our action thriller. I thought of using maybe old refrbished buildings nearby which will benefit our film dearly. I have decided this idea mainly because since battersea is a well known city in greater london it would make more sense if we promote our film in this part of town. Choosing this part of town as a location will be exciting and it will have a different feel to it as we are doing something different to past groups have already done. This is just a temporary idea for the location of our film but i think with the combination of ideas me and group have come up with there will be more places and opportunities to do our film. Battersea wharf station is home to many former movies such as Bend it like Beckham and they have been concerts and cameo apperances in take that which was recently done , so therefore its already recognizable by human eyes alone.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Magazine cover analysis

Magazine Cover Analysis


Screenplay of PROMISE ME
By Elliot Mckenize and Ken L Matonga


A LARGE WALL COVERED IN PICTURES, thousands of explicity, DEMONIC SNAP, various WOMEN being tourtured. SUNLIGHT floods in from an UNSEEN WINDOW, illuminating the pictures. A TALL SILLOUTE the SUCKS IN the light, the figure of GRIM (mid 30s) drowing out the brightness.

QUICK CUT of a dirty, BLOODY ARM improssoned in shackles, trembleing. Cut to BIRDS EYE VIEW from the ceiling showing the floor, ROOTING FOOD on the floor, garbage, brocken glass, and years of decay. PANARAMIC-LOW ANGLE SHOT beggining at the right hand of GRIM, emhassiing the dirt and blood in his nail and then swiftly encircling him in a jerky upwards motion from the hand to the back of his head. POINT OF VIEW SHOT cleaning SINISTER looking KNIFES of white table.

SWIFT CUT to a DIRECT LOW ANGLE SHOT of GRIMS dirty reaching for a PRISTINE KNIFE. He cleans it with a WHITE CLOTH. Booming DIEGETIC SOUND of GRIM humming "Momma's Gonna Buy You" nursery ryhme as he SLOWLY walk over to whimpering girl. He laughs manicly and JERKY HIGH ANGLE POV shot shows GRIM looking down on the girl as we quickly FADE TO BLACK. The only thing to be heard is the a few seconds of silence while we SUPER IMPOSE TITLES then, the shocking diegetic sound of GIRLS TERRIFIC SCREAM burst out and then, it is horrifly cut of by a METALIC SLASHING sound which is GRIM'S KNIFE

Friday, 7 December 2012

A2 Media moodboard

A2 Media Moodboard

This represents all the ideas our group have come up. And this is our moodboard which shows all our ideas and things we have decided to put in our collage . Are genre is action thriller combined with a bit of horror therefore we have decided to reflect upon our ideas with the props illustrated in our moodboard. Also along of these key props will be incorporated into parts of our film.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Trailer patterns

The pattern which our trailer portrays most is between "mixing & matching", and "trigger-event" trailer. I have choosen these two option it is because our trailer consists twist and turn of events which will be included alot in our film, therefore it would be exciting if we could a certain scenaro that will keep the audience watching. For example normal but suspicious looking characters lurking around an abandoned train station or a hard working college student suddenly sucked into crime and gang culture. All these things are what the audience will certainly be looking for as this keeps the viewers on there seats. All of our themes consists of different range of shots which bring out and explore human emotions within the trailer. Such as anger,fear, revenge, misery,relief all the traits which wouldn't be ideal for a hero or antagonist which ke