Saturday, 15 December 2012

location scouting

Since i live in Battersea there have been many ideas in my mind regarding the setting of our action thriller. I thought of using maybe old refrbished buildings nearby which will benefit our film dearly. I have decided this idea mainly because since battersea is a well known city in greater london it would make more sense if we promote our film in this part of town. Choosing this part of town as a location will be exciting and it will have a different feel to it as we are doing something different to past groups have already done. This is just a temporary idea for the location of our film but i think with the combination of ideas me and group have come up with there will be more places and opportunities to do our film. Battersea wharf station is home to many former movies such as Bend it like Beckham and they have been concerts and cameo apperances in take that which was recently done , so therefore its already recognizable by human eyes alone.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Magazine cover analysis

Magazine Cover Analysis


Screenplay of PROMISE ME
By Elliot Mckenize and Ken L Matonga


A LARGE WALL COVERED IN PICTURES, thousands of explicity, DEMONIC SNAP, various WOMEN being tourtured. SUNLIGHT floods in from an UNSEEN WINDOW, illuminating the pictures. A TALL SILLOUTE the SUCKS IN the light, the figure of GRIM (mid 30s) drowing out the brightness.

QUICK CUT of a dirty, BLOODY ARM improssoned in shackles, trembleing. Cut to BIRDS EYE VIEW from the ceiling showing the floor, ROOTING FOOD on the floor, garbage, brocken glass, and years of decay. PANARAMIC-LOW ANGLE SHOT beggining at the right hand of GRIM, emhassiing the dirt and blood in his nail and then swiftly encircling him in a jerky upwards motion from the hand to the back of his head. POINT OF VIEW SHOT cleaning SINISTER looking KNIFES of white table.

SWIFT CUT to a DIRECT LOW ANGLE SHOT of GRIMS dirty reaching for a PRISTINE KNIFE. He cleans it with a WHITE CLOTH. Booming DIEGETIC SOUND of GRIM humming "Momma's Gonna Buy You" nursery ryhme as he SLOWLY walk over to whimpering girl. He laughs manicly and JERKY HIGH ANGLE POV shot shows GRIM looking down on the girl as we quickly FADE TO BLACK. The only thing to be heard is the a few seconds of silence while we SUPER IMPOSE TITLES then, the shocking diegetic sound of GIRLS TERRIFIC SCREAM burst out and then, it is horrifly cut of by a METALIC SLASHING sound which is GRIM'S KNIFE

Friday, 7 December 2012

A2 Media moodboard

A2 Media Moodboard

This represents all the ideas our group have come up. And this is our moodboard which shows all our ideas and things we have decided to put in our collage . Are genre is action thriller combined with a bit of horror therefore we have decided to reflect upon our ideas with the props illustrated in our moodboard. Also along of these key props will be incorporated into parts of our film.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Trailer patterns

The pattern which our trailer portrays most is between "mixing & matching", and "trigger-event" trailer. I have choosen these two option it is because our trailer consists twist and turn of events which will be included alot in our film, therefore it would be exciting if we could a certain scenaro that will keep the audience watching. For example normal but suspicious looking characters lurking around an abandoned train station or a hard working college student suddenly sucked into crime and gang culture. All these things are what the audience will certainly be looking for as this keeps the viewers on there seats. All of our themes consists of different range of shots which bring out and explore human emotions within the trailer. Such as anger,fear, revenge, misery,relief all the traits which wouldn't be ideal for a hero or antagonist which ke

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Attack the block trailer analysis

There is an establishing shot of the tone and colour, in which are introuduced to the setting of the film a block of flats or estate, which is a mostly common setting featured in most grime,urban films. There is a grey tone within the camera shots which builds up suspense and gives the audience a new feeling of unease nd intensity.  The title in itself reads "the deadliest species in the galaxy ",the font and title has a futuristic and supernatural feel towards it, which indicates the film genre could be a thriller, which could involve aliens and extra-terrestrials.  There are a series of quick cuts of what seems to be an alien. This keeps the trailer suspensful and packed full of action; therefore leaving the audience wanting more and more.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kidulthood trailer analysis

Kidulthood is a british drama based in West London,which tells a story of three tenagers mostly friends who face difficult situations and they soon life comes at a big price. Its mostly centred around teenagers who face difficult times in their life having to deal with drugs,sex, money and therefore it can be easily relatable to youth in our society today. We see a variety of props being used throughout the trailer, especially during close up shots of various characters using guns, knives emphaises that gang violence with be included within this film and its relates to state of society within this day and age. The props are used to give an impresson of people a enigma more like as we dont what the fate of the characters will be.

Monday, 12 November 2012

adulthood inspiration

Our inspiration mostly came from the fact that we needed to have sometihng relating to modern day teenagers. So i decided and though of the famous british film Adulthood. I think by using the initial ideas we got from outside experiences and combining it with teenage experiences that we will come up with something that we can relate to.  Since Adulthood is a well known blockbuster for teenagers we decided it would be best if it was based on the harsh life on the streets. There seems to be alot of meaning in watching Adulthood such as the aftermath of a notorious dark past that the protagnist "Noel Clarke" had portrayed in the previous sequel Kidulthood.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

die hard 2 teaser trailer

Original teaser trailer for the 1990 film "Die Hard 2. Consists of the actor bruce willis the main antagonist within the previous Die hard sequel which is american actionfilm directed in te 1990s. Unlike the first sequel to die hard the setting is at christmas eve the antagonist John Mcclane is waiting for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles,California. Mcclane spots two men

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Die hard Poster Analysis

The orginial poster, for the legendary Die hard starring well known actor Bruce Willis as with the first film, the action also takes place on Christimas Eve. The main character McClane is waiting for his wife to land at washington dulles international airport  when terrorists take over the air traffic control system. He must stop the terrorists before his wife's plane and several other incoming flights that are circling the airport run out of fuel and crashes. The poster is eye catching and appealing: just the main protagnist, John McClane looking towards the title heading in the poster. The taglines at the top of the poster connotates with blood and gory violence, also the release date is shown below the picture of willlis. The explosion behind Bruce Willis also connotes with neverending action or an introduction of another main villian and the tag line also creates an enigma which will draw people into watching the film.

Friday, 19 October 2012

running man

The composition of Stephen King's novel combined science fiction and action film"The Running Man" which is portraying the urge of the main protagnist Ben Richards. It is quite clear he is searching for answers but, seems lost due to the composition of the poster which is being portrayed in the progtanist or it could also indicate running away from something or from himself for example the bigger frame of himself covering the new york buildings. Other things i have pointed in this poster is the Red bold italics which connote with danger or conflict and this justaxfies with the poster because they is alot of violence and full of menance expected in the timeframe of the main protagnist.

The composition of the bigger frame of the main protagnist looking down at the city reinforces the structure of the city which seems to be normal and civilised set in a futuristic timeline. It also gives an impression like in modern day america a global collapsing economy and america being a totalitarian policing state, but however the smaller frame of the protagnist shown below the poster shows a sense of freedom or he could be running out of time. It also portrays the convention of the thriller due to the smaller frame of the protagnist as opposed to the bigger frame showing his quick dominance only to come crashing down shown in the lower frame of the poster, and the combined circuit of the sci-fi action genre convention contains a protagnist, possibly a damsell in distress, and as always an antagonist. The shades of the colour black and white connotes with misery and despair as dark could be lifeless to the white shade underneath the smaller frame in the poster which signifies lovely connotations like love,hope or turning a new leaf.

The composition of the blood red film title. "The Running man", which is trying to emphaise the action part of the film. The colour red can also be associated with excitement,danger and gory violences, also possibly death. The bold italics combining with the blood font which is composed at a silently different angles, which could imply a series of violent battles that the protagnist will take on, which reinforces the convention of the futuristic sci-fi/action genre: alot of puzzles and unaswered mysteries. The bigger frame of the protagnist could  be shown as strong and mighty, while in the smaller frame looks weak and hopeless. This is done by composing Schwarzenegger and his smaller shadow together, making them seem in their own mindframe due to the distance of looking over the city to being a smaller frame .

Monday, 15 October 2012

short film pitch

A boy from England orginates from Jamaica aged between 17-19 years of age due to his bad childhood has seen him in trouble with the law many times. But now out of prison and still with the bad boy reputuation he left with and the new responblity of looking after his sister does he  really think he's  up for the job are you ready to experience a birth of new legend or  reawakening a  darker path or he is still battling his demon.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Survey results

So far i've had two responses but looking at the future i think more people will come and help us. But in the long run i think that we will get the results needed from our group's survey so we can able to move foward on things alot quicker. The experience so far from our surveys has allowed us to meet people with different tastes and likes to what they would expect in a film or a teaser trailer.

While we working on our surveys we have found out ways we can communicate not only by paper but in person aswell. It has allowed us to become more up close and personal with the audience

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


1. Male or Female?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your chosen thriller or genre?
4. What are your expectations for a good movie thriller?
5. What social status would you classify a villian?
6. Do you think that the character should be/ or not be given parents?
7. What other outside influences should we add to make it more realisitc?

Monday, 24 September 2012

thoughts on moodboard

Having a moodboard in our storyline will be a good idea and it will strength our thoughts and other ideas which will come into play by doing this it will enable the group to put their ideas into a more creative manner. A few pictures showing what the moodboard is going to be like this will show the ideas and expressions that have come together.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

story pitch

The story pitch is longer than the teaser pitch its more of like a run through of the teaser pitch. It should have a logline that hooks the audience and should contain the fundamental and universal elements that the producer requires.

Story PITCH-Promise Me

The Hero's: Jeremiah Baily. Sinita Wolfe

Objective: To find and rescue his sister and fulfil his promise

Conflict: He may have to resort to extreme violence and crime. His dark past may have a turning point on the hero's future events.There is a possiblity that he might not fulfill that promise and may have to overcome challenges to prove that.

Risks: Resorting to get his hands dirty to find the girl, also risking his own life in the process. Things will go alot deeper than he expected as they may be consquences for his own actions. And his arrogance and stubborness with his ultimate downfall.

Emotional turning point: While finding his missing sister who was kidnapped seven years earlier, he also finds the love of his life.

Pivotal events: Also his dark past coming back to haunt him a bit, having to face up to the Albanian rivals again.

Conclusion: The promise is fullfiled to his sister in her times of trouble and he also finds out other information concerning his sister kidnapping.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Ideas about the character

Jeremiah Baily,Sinita Wolfe
Age: 15+
Nationality: England/Jamaica
Country currently living: London,England
Siblings: Unknown (Sister)

Jeremiah Baily
Jeremiah Baily born in South West London having come from a rough  background involving gang related with the wrong people and issues leading to a dark path. When he was 10 years old he sexually harassed a middle- aged women. he's is egostical but he takes mater seriously due to being pushed over the edge in the events of his life. Having that he and is sister (Unknown) had to fed and look each other it is unknown if they had parents or not could of been abandoned went seperate of ways or passed on. Unlike most anti-heroes Jeremiah knew alot of connections which includes friend and fellow female companion Sinita Wolfe who he meet on the streets or being in a gang together.

Ethnicity: Black

Sinita Wolfe

Sinita Wolfe also born in South West London coming from background of hardship and misery also lead to the darker side of life due to the influence of bad people, and also have previous of drug related crimes. Sinita Wolfe had a chilldhood full of trauma and alot of low points of her life like her parents dying in a carcrash leaving Sinita alive and severly critical injures in hospital. Her personality is cunning,serious,a little egotistic but not too much, proud, intelligent and reliable. She also meet Jeremiah Baily in a gang they will previously at together while fighting off their albanian rivals during that time.


Thoughts for A2


Working in a group

In the previous AS cycle, i was not impressed with the group that i was grouped with. We barely had any communication skills, ideas where put aside to selfishness. Ideas were not listened to or, behind members back, also we were unorginazed and missed deadlines.

The new group, will hopefully, will be mature, sensible, open minded and considerate towards the views, ideas, and other people's opinions and,the main point: also everyone in the group will contribute and will have strong level of communication. I do not want to be in a group that does not know what roles they are doing, who are unorganized, going, been, or coming. Also i do not want to be in a group that finds other people's misfortunates funny, or blame each other due to not taking responblities for thier actions. I also need a group who gets along with each other and also will learn and not come to lesson to waste time.

Teaser pitch

Me and the group have decided to create a tease pitch for the teaser trailer and to add onto the story pitch. A teaser pitch consists of 2 mins of screenplay similar to a normal trailer. The layout of the script has the characters givien specfic roles and lines to hook the agents or the executive and getting the audience involved. Within your script you need to add everything into the trailer including the genre, background of the storyline and the scope of the film.

Teaser pitch:

Film title:Promise me
Genre: Action Thriller
Time Period: Modern Day
Location: London. Suburbs
Budget Medium-Low
Target Audience:16+ and over

Promise me

Early hours of the morning in london. Jeremiah Bailey receives a call from teen Kate Hamilen. He promised that she will help her sister at any costs. The same morning of her disapperance, never to be seen again. Feeling guilt, he will use everything in his power to find her by any means necessary.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

thoughts on the film idea

I enjoyed various parts of the idea including the extra idea of adding maybe a few more characters into the film which will clash with the current storyline. Another main idea that the group is mainly enjoyed is sharing real life / reality experiences and convert them into one big storyline which certainly suits the taste of people our age range. The idea of the Crime thriller genre was mostly another experience we picked up from watching various films and adapting into everyday life issues. The idea and processing of the kidnapping and the hero past tends to bring something new and refreshing into the film scene.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Plot of the sequence

The plot called Promise me is mainly because its consists of a young man at any means necessary to protect her loved one the sister( Kate Hamilon) who is one of the main characters and the sister of the main antagonist( Jeremiah Baily). Also the plot has alot of twist and turns involving the character including whereabouts and links with the progtanist of the plot (Albanian gang), also there involvement in the kidnapping of the hero's sister.

Also within the plot they will also be other characters links involved which will help the antagonist in is attempt to find out the incidents which lead to the kidnapping of his sister.

Pivotal Events: The antagonist ( Jeremiah Baily)  uncovers and leads to the prolonged capture of an infamous vicious Albanian Slaver Ring Leader.

Why is fighting to save her life: Its the turning point of his character from overcoming his dark past which leads to alot suspicion to the Jeremiah Baily and to try forget and flip over to this dark life and follow a good path by doing he of course has to find out who kidnapped his sister.

Anything new for the audience: Yes it is something because it finally gives us a chance to portray a hero and exploiting his darker side of his character by giving him a treachourous past. And by this it gives the audience a chance to actually to see a side of a hero that has never been witnessed or could be expected.

Characters: Jeremiah Baily,Sinita Wolfe

Crime thriller- Reasons the genre was chosen

I got the idea of giving the Hero a treachrous past like e.g a life of crime went to prison and came out and decided to change his life. Also the samitaran was a good trailer since it involved a collobaration between the hero's past conflict and how it effects him in the present day. Also giving the hero back his previous connections and his past following him throughout most of the story and the kidnapping of his sister.  Also choosing a crime thriller is what the group decided since it will be gory and alot violence and gory scenes will be involved but we decided it shouldn't be just a crime thriller and add maybe some comedy into it so it has a combination of seriousness and a little laughter involved.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

ideas for inspiration / other movies

The idea and inspiration came from the movie Raising Arizona which gave me thoughts and ideas and how ideas from other members of the group would collabarate into one film sequence that we both choose. Also inspiration from the raising arizona has gave us another idea that we should combine the genre of crime with comedy kidnapping in a way theres a mixture of not one but another genre added onto the film which would interest the viewers alot.  I had another look at a particualr movie which inspired me was the Naked weapon which also kidnapping it mostly about two chinese girls who were kidnapped and mostly trained to be assasins in a concentration camp.

summary- starter of the ideas

The ideas of the film also consists of other world infleucnes which include  previous and current kidnaping of Madeline McCann. Also since its a crime thriller we specifically know the hero's sister or how old she is , since they arent any links towards the kidnapping but in this genre and sequence our group is doing is that  the hero has  links and other characters who he can relate to in the film sequence. These images are mostly small ideas we picked off different world experiences. It gives the audience a brief preview of the film and the main objective of the antagonist to save his sister and do what he can this including revealing the heroes treachorous past and horrific life before meeting the love of his life.