Friday, 19 October 2012

running man

The composition of Stephen King's novel combined science fiction and action film"The Running Man" which is portraying the urge of the main protagnist Ben Richards. It is quite clear he is searching for answers but, seems lost due to the composition of the poster which is being portrayed in the progtanist or it could also indicate running away from something or from himself for example the bigger frame of himself covering the new york buildings. Other things i have pointed in this poster is the Red bold italics which connote with danger or conflict and this justaxfies with the poster because they is alot of violence and full of menance expected in the timeframe of the main protagnist.

The composition of the bigger frame of the main protagnist looking down at the city reinforces the structure of the city which seems to be normal and civilised set in a futuristic timeline. It also gives an impression like in modern day america a global collapsing economy and america being a totalitarian policing state, but however the smaller frame of the protagnist shown below the poster shows a sense of freedom or he could be running out of time. It also portrays the convention of the thriller due to the smaller frame of the protagnist as opposed to the bigger frame showing his quick dominance only to come crashing down shown in the lower frame of the poster, and the combined circuit of the sci-fi action genre convention contains a protagnist, possibly a damsell in distress, and as always an antagonist. The shades of the colour black and white connotes with misery and despair as dark could be lifeless to the white shade underneath the smaller frame in the poster which signifies lovely connotations like love,hope or turning a new leaf.

The composition of the blood red film title. "The Running man", which is trying to emphaise the action part of the film. The colour red can also be associated with excitement,danger and gory violences, also possibly death. The bold italics combining with the blood font which is composed at a silently different angles, which could imply a series of violent battles that the protagnist will take on, which reinforces the convention of the futuristic sci-fi/action genre: alot of puzzles and unaswered mysteries. The bigger frame of the protagnist could  be shown as strong and mighty, while in the smaller frame looks weak and hopeless. This is done by composing Schwarzenegger and his smaller shadow together, making them seem in their own mindframe due to the distance of looking over the city to being a smaller frame .

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