Saturday, 15 December 2012

location scouting

Since i live in Battersea there have been many ideas in my mind regarding the setting of our action thriller. I thought of using maybe old refrbished buildings nearby which will benefit our film dearly. I have decided this idea mainly because since battersea is a well known city in greater london it would make more sense if we promote our film in this part of town. Choosing this part of town as a location will be exciting and it will have a different feel to it as we are doing something different to past groups have already done. This is just a temporary idea for the location of our film but i think with the combination of ideas me and group have come up with there will be more places and opportunities to do our film. Battersea wharf station is home to many former movies such as Bend it like Beckham and they have been concerts and cameo apperances in take that which was recently done , so therefore its already recognizable by human eyes alone.

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