Monday, 17 September 2012

Ideas about the character

Jeremiah Baily,Sinita Wolfe
Age: 15+
Nationality: England/Jamaica
Country currently living: London,England
Siblings: Unknown (Sister)

Jeremiah Baily
Jeremiah Baily born in South West London having come from a rough  background involving gang related with the wrong people and issues leading to a dark path. When he was 10 years old he sexually harassed a middle- aged women. he's is egostical but he takes mater seriously due to being pushed over the edge in the events of his life. Having that he and is sister (Unknown) had to fed and look each other it is unknown if they had parents or not could of been abandoned went seperate of ways or passed on. Unlike most anti-heroes Jeremiah knew alot of connections which includes friend and fellow female companion Sinita Wolfe who he meet on the streets or being in a gang together.

Ethnicity: Black

Sinita Wolfe

Sinita Wolfe also born in South West London coming from background of hardship and misery also lead to the darker side of life due to the influence of bad people, and also have previous of drug related crimes. Sinita Wolfe had a chilldhood full of trauma and alot of low points of her life like her parents dying in a carcrash leaving Sinita alive and severly critical injures in hospital. Her personality is cunning,serious,a little egotistic but not too much, proud, intelligent and reliable. She also meet Jeremiah Baily in a gang they will previously at together while fighting off their albanian rivals during that time.


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