Friday, 14 September 2012

Plot of the sequence

The plot called Promise me is mainly because its consists of a young man at any means necessary to protect her loved one the sister( Kate Hamilon) who is one of the main characters and the sister of the main antagonist( Jeremiah Baily). Also the plot has alot of twist and turns involving the character including whereabouts and links with the progtanist of the plot (Albanian gang), also there involvement in the kidnapping of the hero's sister.

Also within the plot they will also be other characters links involved which will help the antagonist in is attempt to find out the incidents which lead to the kidnapping of his sister.

Pivotal Events: The antagonist ( Jeremiah Baily)  uncovers and leads to the prolonged capture of an infamous vicious Albanian Slaver Ring Leader.

Why is fighting to save her life: Its the turning point of his character from overcoming his dark past which leads to alot suspicion to the Jeremiah Baily and to try forget and flip over to this dark life and follow a good path by doing he of course has to find out who kidnapped his sister.

Anything new for the audience: Yes it is something because it finally gives us a chance to portray a hero and exploiting his darker side of his character by giving him a treachourous past. And by this it gives the audience a chance to actually to see a side of a hero that has never been witnessed or could be expected.

Characters: Jeremiah Baily,Sinita Wolfe

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