Tuesday, 18 September 2012

story pitch

The story pitch is longer than the teaser pitch its more of like a run through of the teaser pitch. It should have a logline that hooks the audience and should contain the fundamental and universal elements that the producer requires.

Story PITCH-Promise Me

The Hero's: Jeremiah Baily. Sinita Wolfe

Objective: To find and rescue his sister and fulfil his promise

Conflict: He may have to resort to extreme violence and crime. His dark past may have a turning point on the hero's future events.There is a possiblity that he might not fulfill that promise and may have to overcome challenges to prove that.

Risks: Resorting to get his hands dirty to find the girl, also risking his own life in the process. Things will go alot deeper than he expected as they may be consquences for his own actions. And his arrogance and stubborness with his ultimate downfall.

Emotional turning point: While finding his missing sister who was kidnapped seven years earlier, he also finds the love of his life.

Pivotal events: Also his dark past coming back to haunt him a bit, having to face up to the Albanian rivals again.

Conclusion: The promise is fullfiled to his sister in her times of trouble and he also finds out other information concerning his sister kidnapping.

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