Friday, 10 May 2013

evaluation part 1

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Firstly, I started to use blogger throughout my process of AS & A2 media studies course. I used blogger as a way to demonstrate my work and initial group ideas we had as a team, and it was a way that we could get cricitism and feedback from our peers based on the work i was producing during the A2 media studies course. Also, i used other computer softwares like microsoft powerpoint, word , Scribd which contributed greatly to the processing of handling work at a different level in terms of quality and standards. They were plenty of strengths and weaknesses which were exploited and needed to be improved on which our Media studies teacher was able to point out including minimual amount of work which was non-existent in the start of my blog. The internet contributed nicely in terms of researching different genre, films, stories throughout the course since the majority of our work was internet based therefore it gaves us time to improve our computer skills alot more during the course of the year.
The strengths of the blogger is a powerful software to use. The techonological aspects are directly connected to other mainstream internet resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,MSN, and so many other connections which gave us the tools we needed in order to expand and broaden my horizons. Also, it had allowed me to organise all posts revelant to my product and media research.  I was able to perform and edit and date all my posts regarding the current work we were assigned to do by our media studies teacher.
One of the main weaknesses is that i was unorganized in terms of handling my work on my time and reorganizing certain things on my blog.  This made things alot more difficult for me as i had alot of previous work to catch up on which set me back a bit. Another thing was making sure my work was accurate enough and i understood what i was talking about in each of my posts.  My post had alot of inaccurate information as times therefore, it made some of my work difficult to read and understand at times.

I used scribd as a way to evaluate and hand in work during most of the A2 media studies course. Our first introduction of the scribd was demonstrated to us during our Media Studies class. Scribd allowed us to access and upload our questionnaires, blog work, surveys and other useful work needed to be in our media studies blog. 

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