Thursday, 9 May 2013

Evaluation part 2

In what ways does your media products use, challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The first way our media products challenege forms and conventions is by creating a poster to advertise our film, as it not something that is usually produced by independant film makers alone due to the reason they are made and established.Our poster shows to our audience that our film falls under the mainstream line than it actually is. Another reason is being the focus of our posters when compared to mainstream posters . The main convention being the advertisment of the film's main actor or actors, we challenged this by using a motif of of a chessboard below the main character's face to create the film's main genre.

Also, the majority of the poster is taken within the image of the main character in the film's costume. Then we decided to place the main character in the middle of the poster to portray the main character in a different in terms of comparing the magazine cover to the poster itself as it creates a barrier between all the other characters and the main protagnist himself.

In terms of our film, the lack of budget is what restricted from using a studio to begin producing our film. Therefore we where dissapointed in the lack of resources and most of the filming was done on set. This, on some cases, made planning alot more easier and we didn't know to replicate or pull off the majority of scenes we where tending to do. Also the limit of technology was also a difficult, for example the cameras could not pick up on-set dialogue very well due the quality of the camera.

We also had to use diagetic sounds and voice overs with the limited techonology. For example we used final cut pro not only to reshuffle and put everything into order but also it was valuable use for our voice overs for our project.

With our magazine, there we not many conventions that could be challenged to be honest . We researched magazine such as Total Film, Prevue and Empire and decided that we wanted a light review that focused on the film's theme's and more  of the different sides of the production company we had produced with our product which was called south end studios.

After reading the article we decided that it was best to stick to the conventions of Sight and Sound. We felt that it was the best way to approach these articles as it was something that we were looking for and was willing to incorporate it into our product. We mainly used bold italics for the heading and the main text as we needed something new to basic fonts used in most magazine reviews.

 But again we decided to follow a convention that is commonly used in Sight and Sound as it was the magazine that we felt best suited what we wanted to show within our film.

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